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So these are the tools I used that made this job easier. Grab the ones you don’t have, or share this page with your installer. If you’re looking for the actual PARTS (LEDs, controllers, and wiring), head over to the Glowe Q50 Ambient Lighting page in the store – we’ve got all you need.

4 Channel RF Switch

This 4 channel switch allows me to cut power to my interior LEDs, by zone.

I have it wired so Channel A toggles my overhead lighting, Channel B toggles my footwell lighting, and Channel C channels my in-door ropes and accents. Channel D I have wired as a party mode trigger, which tells all my controllers to go into party mode.


You’re gonna need this if you got the Glowe Rope. I used the Dremel to cut a 6mm channel everywhere the rope needed to fit. Make sure you have some goggles or sunglasses – those little plastic shards of lava suck if they hit your eyeball. Ask me how I know.

Dremel blades!

Always helpful to have a set of these on hand for cutting, shaving, and sanding.

On the interior project, I used the largest cutting blade 99% of the time, and just used the edge of it for sanding and fine-tuning lines.

Wire Strippers

Its amazing how much time and stress these guys save me on every wiring project. Before I got these, I was using pliers, knives, even my TEETH to strip wires. Now, I get clean, consistent stripped wires, with the same effort it takes to use fingernail clippers.

Panel Trim Removers